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Received the goods, as described, there are keys to protect, very intimate.
Product arrived quickly and was as powerful as advertised. Very happy to purchase a laser of this quality at such a low price.
High power,burning laser,really love this one laser,nice purchase.
After using the laser pointer for a period of time,I want to share with you that it is absolutely worth buying.Blue light is very bright,and it's really waterproof.
The pictures on your website must be misleading.This 1mw laser pen is unable to light matches,but it doesn't matter.It is bright enough to serve its purpose.
This is my second laser pen bought from this seller.You know,I bought a 500mw green pen two years ago,and it still works well.The quality is very reliable.
I bought a similar laser pointer from another company,but the quality is not as good as this one.This laser pointer is brighter and more elaborate.I will choose this seller in the future.
Although the power is low,it is bright enough.Also the price is very affordable.Lol,nothing bad to say about this laser pen!
The laser pointer is very bright. Compared to the 1mw that I bought before, this is much brighter, very good.
The 1000mw laser pointer gives out a strong beautiful blue laser beam light.If you work as a teacher or professor,it's absolutely a good choice for you.Highly recommend it!
If you need a medium power laser pointer, I recommend you buy this one, which is very easy to use, powerful and handle, and can point to very far buildings
Wow,so great laser.My friends also like this laser,I want buy some different style laser.
This is my third time to buy, and their service attitude and after-sale really do well
The laser pen is very bright, packaging is also very tight, the laser pen is really too strong
Very happy with the product, only thing that concerned me was the battery came in the laser when i opend package.
I've been searching for a good, sturdy laser pointer.This light works awesome! For only 100 bucks, well worth it! yeah, I actually do like it.
301 laser pointer is classic,it can burning and with keys,good design,and will buy other one burning laser from this shop.
Got this in the mail the other day, and it works great so far. Shines a very long distance in absolute clarity. I love the key switch on the back for safety. I also like the ability to see the actual beam of light the laser produces. I think that is pretty cool. Thanks for a great laser!

Laser 301 500MW Green Light High Power Laser Pointer Kit Black

Data aggiunta: 03/27/2018

da: Manjinder S***

I love this laser and powerful high green light as far away, I am very happy. I will do order more very soon. Thank you laserpointpro thump up:-)
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