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A nice bright laser for astronomy. Arrived in less than the stated time.
Nice laser. Well build and very solid feeling.
Price is good and reviews are good so far.
Thanks. Happy with it.
Great laser, seems to be to special, can light matches
This surprised me and I am very happy.
I am really into lasers and this one seems to be pretty good.
I am happy with it.
my friend had this product and it was great.bright burnt well...ect.
Putting this on my wish list. Price is good
Nice looking laser!!! Need to get this!
GREAT LASERS. I feel very satisfied.
Used this to replace the keyboard on my mid 2009 mbp. Works just fine, and it's not that difficult to install, just make sure you have the right kind of screwdrivers.The only complicated part was peeling off the black plastic that covers the keyboard backlight - be careful not to tear any ribbon cables and such.
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