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The laser is great but the charger is total crap thing almost caught fire.
Unbelievably powerful. Very Very powerful laser! I love it!Can actually see the beam from across a field. Haven't changed the battery since buying it and it hasn't dimmed at all.
I ordered one of these. Is it going to take a month to receive it? It's been 11 days so far. I would like it now. I just ordered your largest laser, but I was able to get expedited delivery on that.
Just good
should i buy it
Took a lil' over a month to arrive, but it was worth the wait 100%! This is basically my 1st professional laser and I love it! The quality is great, and I love how it comes with a charger and a spare battery! For the price you do get what you paid for 100%! I would buy this again in a heart beat!
Great laser great saler I highly recommend Buying from these people I had questions And thay always answer me fast. A10000!!! I am very happy THANK YOU!!
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