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Wow,just pay about $100,received 5 heads and charge and battery and googles,it was amazing,will buy other one for my friends.
So far so good.Everything came with it.I bought it as a gift for my brother,he likes it very much.Really cool!
I think is the best one I bought
A very nice and cool laser pointer...recommended.
this is a very good laser ,but the only thing I have a problem with it is that when I opened it up it had 1.5mW and it should had 2.5 mW. 1.5 is still good very bright beam.
What can I say about a blue beam light laser pointer pen. Well, I bought three and they all work perfectly giving a good focused beam.By far the best laser pen I've used.
Good laser, feels real solid.
great item. Excellent quality.
great item. Excellent quality.
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