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I live in Alabama. I purchased this laser on 22 January 2019 and received it on February 5th. I did pay for the expedited shipping which said 5 to 10 days and it turned out to be around 15 days. On the ABC news tonight they detailed about a fire San Francisco that was underground if I’m not mistaken. Yesterday evening President Trump held his State of the Union address for where it’s Nancy Pelosi gave him a real sarcastic clap when he was at the podium. Stated the preceding just to prove I am a real person. The product came in the case with the two batteries inside the unit laser unit which I had to unwrap the batteries from the plastic and then placed in the charger to be charged. When I first put the batteries in I couldn’t get anything to work and then I realized I had the batteries in backwards. It does have a continuous beam of green light all the way up to the sky. I could not see where the light ended up in the sky it just kept going and going. I don’t know if this is the one that will light a match but I know how to light a match anyway. I did get five in lenses do you have different effects basically something you see on these laser Christmas light displays. The total cost including shipping was $203.95. I also pointed the laser at my backyard shed and there was a continuous beam of greenlight to the structure of the shed and then it just lit the side of the shed without catching anything on fire. For what I wanted this laser to do I am completely satisfied. Be sure you have the batteries in correct. This is not the high powered laser that comes with the key I did not want those they seem to be a little too strong and there are Local laws within the US that the High powered laser our banned....
I received my laser pointer yesterday.I fell in love with it at first sight.It looks beautiful.Last night,I pointed it at the sky,the green beam light was clearly visible.Great product!
This high-power laser pen is very powerful and can quickly ignite fireworks. It's very good, it is recommended to buy.
Hi here,this laser pointer is exactly as advertised,it can emit powerful super bright green light.You need to wear goggles to protect eyes.It's absolutely worth it.I'm so happy with this product.
This one is very good, not only has a single point of function, but also various effects, very beautiful at night.
The power is very good, the green light is very clear, and it is really bright, I like it too much.
I found that the Gatling type laser pointer is beautiful, the light is beautiful, and the appearance is also best.
Wow,too high power laser pointer,I Love the light,the style,all the one laser have.
I have six low power laser pointers.This time I bought the 50W product with the attitude of trying.I didn't go out of my way to measure its actual power,but this device is really powerful.It can quickly light matches and burn through a paper in seconds.An amazing product!
I've received my package.With the golden body,this laser pointer looks very beautiful.It works greatly,so cool!
I need a laser pointer and my classmate recommended me to this website to buy. The site was easy to use and checkout was great.
Great service, great shipping.I buy this laser for five days, very fast.I tried for 10 minutes, the laser is brilliant, I can see the light.
The quality is pretty good, and you really can't beat the price at all. I'll probably be ordering several more lasers from this site
The laser pointer is very good, the green yellow is very powerful, and the ignition speed is really fast. like very much.
As a faithful laser-lover,this green laser pointer is the seventh laser that I've possessed.low price,great quality.
I got the laser in a very short time. I am very satisfied with the laser performance. By the way, it can shine far away. I am a satisfied customer!!!!
Five stars for the seller’s prompt delivery and excellent product!It works great for what we needed.
I made a big decision to buy this laser pen. Although the price is very expensive, I was really surprised when I received the goods. The appearance was very beautiful. It was especially amazing when I installed the battery. The power is great.
I received the laser pointer yesterday, and I specially tried it for a day. This is a strong laser, It's good for it's price goes far burns too
I recently received this laser and I have to say it is great the build quality is excellent and the laser is quite powerful. This is a good laser to light paper on fire.
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