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I bought it with my laser pointer. This quality is really good and the price is very cheap.
It's much cheaper than buying it in the store, and the quality is better than the store, I really like it.
18650 Carregador de Bateria (110V ~ 240V) Preto

18650 Carregador de Bateria (110V ~ 240V) Preto

data adicionada: 11/21/2018

por: L***e

This charger works very well and the price is cheap. I like it very much.
Because I want to bring out the door and continue to use my newly purchased laser, it is better to sell it, so it is more convenient to bring out the door.
Charging is fast, the battery's battery life is very good, with this charger, I no longer have to worry that my laser pointer will be out of power. If you need a battery with 18650, it is recommended to buy this.
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