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I bought these little lights especially for the up-coming Christmas.I have checked them carefully.Each of the small bulbs is in good condition and very bright.They emit soft lights,we feel very satisfied with this purchase.
The laser lights were bought just in time for our big party last week.The colorful and dazzling lights amazed everyone.Awesome!!
Christmas is coming.I bought these lovely decorative lights ahead of time.I hung them on the door beam yesterday and the whole room looks very cozy.I would recommend it to my neighbors.

18W LED RGB Crystal Ball Shaped Stage Light Black

data adicionada: 11/18/2018

por: P***l

I bought these lights in advance and tried them yesterday.How beautiful the lights are!We
These white lights were received in good condition.I hang them on the tree in front of the door.They look very beautiful.
We had a big party last week.The stage lamp was simply stunning,giving everyone a big surprise.I never expected to buy such a wonderful product.

18W LED RGB Crystal Ball Shaped Stage Light Black

data adicionada: 09/24/2018

por: S***a

This stage light is totally worth the money.I didn't expect such a cheap item to be of good quality,but it did give me a surprise.It's perfect for party or any events.
Bought this for my son as his birthday gift.It's placed in his living room,giving us a feeling of mini club.It's really super cool!
Absolutely love how bright this light is and how the rotation makes for a variety of colors.Can't wait for Christmas to use this lamp!
My friends opened a small bar, I bought this lamp gave him, he is very fond of, according to his lights to open up the atmosphere is very good, the whole bar looks so gorgeous.
I want to have a birthday party for my son in a few days, so bought this lamp belt adorned the yard, feared does not install, thought is very simple.And it is waterproof, don't have to worry about hanging in the yard of a rain will leakage problems.
Super easy to assemble.I gave five stars because of the good quality.
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