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No directions no pamphlet just item. I guess i'm on my own on how to replace battery

5mW 650nm 2,4 GHz sem fio ponteiro laser vermelho remoto

data adicionada: 02/09/2019

por: Kim Hendricks

As a teacher, this pen is really durable, and it can also turn pages up and down, really leaving the computer. love it.
My father is a university professor.This laser pen is a great helper in teaching and plays an important role in the weekly speech class.

5mW 650nm 2,4 GHz sem fio ponteiro laser vermelho remoto

data adicionada: 12/22/2018

por: Mary Swanson

The laser pen arrived before my expected date, just enough to give it to my grandson as a Christmas gift, very satisfied with the purchase.

1mw 532nm feixe de luz tailcap switch laser pointer caneta preta 850

data adicionada: 11/17/2018

por: norberto quiroga

This laser pointer is exactly what I expected.The shell is red.I like it very much.And with the keys control,it is safer to use.
I am very satisfied with this laser pointer, it is very sensitive.
I got this because I will teach very quickly and need a PPT remote. This red laser is easy to use, works well with google drive, I not only switch between slides, but also control the volume. It's totally worth it, compact and can be like a pen in your pocket. thank you!
An excellent laser pointer for anyone new to the more powerful lasers (such as myself). High quality and impressive, it's the real deal. I'm looking forward to making it a part of my lifestyle, pointing out just about anything with it. Came in a nice presentation box.
First deal with this seller.I thought I was taking a gamble with this website.Glad I did so,well worth the money,it is nicer than another laser that I bought locally.

5mW 650nm 2,4 GHz sem fio ponteiro laser vermelho remoto

data adicionada: 03/25/2018

por: Jason Maillet

Mini useful tool,works great in teaching.Have introduced it to my coworkers.
This laser pointer better than the other laser pointer ,and much easier to use, not only can be pointing also can up down pages, really great.

5mW 650nm 2,4 GHz sem fio ponteiro laser vermelho remoto

data adicionada: 01/10/2018

por: jesse birrueta

Fast delivery! Great product! It helps a lot in my weekly presentation class.

1mW 650nm Feixe Vermelho Laser Pointer Pen Preto

data adicionada: 01/10/2018

por: Don DeLaire

To be honest,I put no trust in the products of the company at first.After using a couple times,what I want to say is that the laser is reliable.Would come and buy another one.

532nm 1mW Laser Green Feixe Single-Point Caneta Laser Pointer Preto

data adicionada: 01/09/2018

por: Bernice Vargas

Fast delivery! I received my package within 8 days.I like this pen-type laser pointer,which is very convenient to carry everywhere.

650nm 1mw Red Laser Beam Single-ponto Laser Pointer Pen Vermelho

data adicionada: 01/07/2018

por: Rick Machuca

I purchased one green and one red laser at the same time.Obviously green lasers is brighter than red laser.I know it is normal.The 1mw red laser is a good deal in terms of this price.
A good helper!I used it in the open class teaching last week,which was very successful.I will recommend this product to my workmates.Five stars for you!

5mW 650nm 2,4 GHz sem fio ponteiro laser vermelho remoto

data adicionada: 12/03/2017

por: Alice Diamond

I bought this helpful tool for my father,who is a professor in a university.The product is very practical for his weekly presentation class.Portable and convenient!
I bought two 1mw red laser pointers of this type one year ago,which have been working well up to now.This time I chose green laser.Brighter than red light.A good bargain!
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