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What a beautiful flashlight!The design and color scheme surprise me a lot.The light can cover my yard.It's a wonderful product!
It's really worth it to buy such a good price at this price, I will come back again.
Couldn't believe how bright the light is.A must in our daily life!
I've had this flashlight for over a year.It works well the same as it did when I got it.No any issues at all.It's bright enough to meet basic daily needs.
Laser has arrived both packages at the same time it is very powerfull will definitely be getting a 1w red in the future
Bought this one,4 days later had it in my hands (in Switzerland) Wow !!! What a great product,together with really professional service , I surely recommend. Thanks im really happy with my laser :)
My job requires me to carry a flashlight. I am extremely impressed with the quality and the brightness of this item that I paid for.Highly recommend this kind of flashlights.You won't find a better or brighter flashlight for this price.