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My son is a teacher. I bought this laser so that he can points at presentation screen more easily. Good laser with high quality. I will buy more of this.
It is with battery and charger! Very cost-efficient! The red light is very obvious in the dark. I am crazy about it!
would buy again , nice laser burns well , cool charger as well, thanks
nice bright laser came in 9 days and was shipped well. however the box is a bit screwed up and ripped but all workes perfectly.
This laser pointer has been used for two weeks.I like it very much.It is equipped with a stand for easy use.
Hi, I received my laser pointer yesterday. To be honest, I don't think its power is as high as it is advertised, but its light intensity and material are definitely worth the price. I will buy it again if I need it.
We received this powerful laser pointer within two weeks and then tested its output power,of course,it's less than 10W,it's strong and bright enough though.This green beam laser performed great for our experiment.
Works better than expected.Extremely bright and it comes with battery and charger. Amazing product,good value for the price.
Last year,I place 301 laser pointer,but this year,303 burning laser sounds so cool,so I place an new order,and the seller was give me special soupon to buy it,so good!
Not as good as expected. Sturdy design but the power makes it invisible with any light in the room. Completely unsuitable for outside use. I tried it in a dark kitchen with only moonlight, I could not see the dot matrix and could only just see the single point laser with a full battery. As others have said, this is not visible with any other light source.
This is a really fun laser to amaze your friends with with its brightness and how visible the beam is at night. However, my laser came marked as 200mW when the site clearly says 300mW. When focused, it can make a little smoke on dark black plastics or electrical tape, but I would not call this a burning laser. Overall, very fun and very high quality for a laser of this price! The beam goes on forever, so don\'t point it at planes! (unless you want to end up in jail)
works really good for getting that awe feeling out of people but didnt come with keys
Great laser pointer. Has kaleidoscope piece and it does focus as well without the kaleidoscope. Recommended for indoor or outdoor short distances (<1 mile)as the beam is not quite that focused on a point. Very bright. There are reflections off of the inside of the output hole that create light patterns on other side of the beam. You can only see it in the dark dark though. If you focus the beam it does burn. And unless it\'s very dark or you\'re looking down the beam, the beam is not that visable. Casing is sturdy metal and battery fits nice and snug. Not the most perfect laser but still enjoy it.
For the price its reasonable. My main complaint is that the design didnt allow focus to a fine point, after a little modification I got the focus how I wanted it and how it should have been. Very bright and powerful laser but not the best Ive bought from here.
Nice material. Pretty happy with the laser at 200mw. Pretty fast shipping to the U.S.A. I just ordered another different green laser because of the great prices. Thanks