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UKing ZQ-j11 30000mW 473nm Blue Beam Single Point Zoomable Laser Pointer Pen Kit Chrome Plating Shell Silver

UKing ZQ-j11 30000mW 473nm Blue Beam Single Point Zoomable Laser Pointer Pen Kit Chrome Plating Shell Silver
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Product Description

Looking for a high performance laser pointer? Then don't miss our U'King ZQ-j11 30000mW 473nm Blue Beam Single Point Zoomable Laser Pointer Pen Kit! With 30000mW of output power, it produces a single-point, blue laser beam that is clear, bright and full of energy. Its high power makes it possible to light matches or cigarettes, burn paper, repel birds and much more. And it features adjustable brightness and focus to suit all kinds of needs. Aero grade aluminum alloy shell with chrome plating is tough and durable for long-lasting use. Bring it home right now!

Technical specifications

Brand U'King
Model ZQ - j11
Light Style Single - Point
Light Color Blue
Wave Length 473nm
Output Power 30000mW
Laser Range 20000m - 60000m +
Dimmable Yes
Zoomable Yes
Waterproof Yes
Waterproof Grade IPX - 5
Carrying Chain No
Strap Included Yes
Certification CE, FCC, ROHS, FDA
Material Aluminum Alloy
Surface Treatment Chrome Plating
Color Silver
Dimensions (4.13 x 0.98 x 0.98) " / (10.5 x 2.5 x 2.5) cm (L x W x H)
Weight 5.64oz / 160g

green laser pointer

green laser pointer

green laser pointer

green laser pointer

Package list

  1. Don't allow the laser beam to enter the eye. The laser beam is harmful to eyes, any contact will cause permanent damage. Not the laser point to the crowd, especially in the face
  2. Don't look directly with your eyes or using binoculars and other equipment to observe the laser beam on the remote control. Never let the laser point to a mirror or other highly reflective surfaces
  3. Please keep the laser pointer away from children (especially the high powered ones) in order to avoid the damage by the children's contacting
  4. Don't light laser pointer continually in 30 seconds, it will affect its lifetime for prolonged use
  5. Please remove the battery from the laser pointer when not in use
  6. Need to disassemble, adjust or repair, please get professional maintenance technicians
  7. The use of laser pointers (especially the higher powered ones) may be illegal in some countries
  8. Therefore, customers can buy and use it by following the local laws and regulations. In the event of resale, you also need to incorporate this notation in the product description, so that any potential buyer can be well informed before making purchasing decision

By Hipolito Gonzalez Matos 02/12/2018

I got today my super laser. I am so happy, this is a very powerfull laser, ready for burning (I burned the shower curtain trying to test it in the day, in a dark area jajaja). Now, in the night the beam is so powerfully and easy for watching it. Is nice for pointing anything in the sky or far away. For astronomy is ideal. For playing.. also!!! 100% happy.\r\nIt came with 2 rechargable batteries but I am using the batteries from my Night vision (same type). \r\nIs strong tool, but is less stronger than then model 100% cooper ( HK-32009235 or HK-32009345 )\r\n\r\nThank you!!!

By Hipolito Gonzalez Matos 02/12/2018

I bought it and received today. Still is day and I am waiting the night for testing the beam, but the power is INCREDIBLE, burning plastic and other items in seconds, even less. I can\'t wait for the night. Trying it in the bathroom (everything closed, dark) I burned the curtain. So exited I am. Thank you. I am using the same batteries from the Night Vision system. Super good!!!!!

By Clifford Chung 11/19/2017

The first laser pen I paid for got lost in transit,the seller was so kind as to resend a new one for me.The second package just arrived,though I waited for a long time,but it is worthwhile.What I am going to focus on here is that this beautiful silver appearance and blue color beam laser pointer will definitely give you a big surprise.Super bright and powerful,which is much better than I expected.

By Fhad alkulifi 09/05/2017

SKU#32009593(30w&473nm)is an impressive laser pointer.The solid construction seems very durable.The blue light beam is too bright,i don't know how to express my feeling of excitement.It is by far my favorite.

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