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UKing ZQ-J32 300mw 532nm & 650nm double light 5 in 1 USB Laser Pointer
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Product Description

UKing ZQ-J32 300mw 532nm & 650nm double light 5 in 1 USB Laser Pointer can be used to driving birds, outdoor and astronomical instructions, widely used in museums, exhibition venues, tourism mountaineering, cave exploring, site construction inspection, medical teaching, mountain guidelines

Instructions for use:

Power button is at the bottom of the laser torch, press it to turn off r turn on the power.
Laser mode adjusting button and indicator is in the middle of the torch. Press the mode adjustment can switch the laser emission mode (red / green / red green / red and green blink ).When power is on, the indicator would become red.
Removable star cap is rotary designed and covered right ahead the red and green laser emitting ports. Rotating it can adjust the light spot smaller or bigger to form different light patterns. Rotate it anticlockwise, the cap becomes loose and can be removed. Pointer without caps offers highly focused brightest straight beam light.

  • Laser is strictly prohibited from shooting human beings or animals, vehicles, aircraft and other means of transport, flammable and explosive products.Do not use it in laser forbidden occasions or in public without permission
  • The laser torch must be lighted at least once among 3 months.Please remove the battery when not use the laser torch for a long time.Batteries should be fully charged and kept in a ventilated place to maintain good condition
  • Laser should not be lighted more than 5 minutes each time.Turn it off for a while in between long time using
  • Keep the lens clean, make sure no dust or other obstacles that would affect the lighting patterns
  • Protective glass wearing are strongly recommended while using this product
  • Do not disassemble or dispose this product without any permission.We're not responsible for any product failure or safety issues caused by personal disassembly or improper use of this product
  • This product should be kept away from children to avoid accidental injuries
  • When rotating the star cap, do not spin it out from the torch or the optical lens in it will be damaged

Technical specifications

Model ZQ - J32
Material aluminum alloy
Size 175*28*28mm
Net weight 165g
Output power 300mw
Laser Color Red / Green
Output wavelength Red 650nm / Green 532nm
Laser range Red 300m / Green 10000m
Battery 4200mAh 18650 (excluded)
Focuse Adjustability adjustable retractable gear mode: 1 file (strong)
Focus distance 2CM to infinity
Safety class Class IIIb Spot shape: dotted
Light pattern rough spot
Operating voltage DC = 3.7V
Starting voltage DC = 3.7V
Working temperature - 10 ℃ ~ + 45 ℃
Storage temperature - 10 ℃ ~ + 35 ℃
Life 6, 000 hours Warm - up time: None
Circuit benefits conversion rate of 85% or more
Circuit control Buck constant current with reverse polarity protection
Surface treatment environmental anodic oxidation Structural features: IPX - 5 waterproof design rain in the normal use (not diving)
Spot size 10M at <
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By Michael Sampere:

My first try dual light laser, I feel pretty good, this is a new experience.

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